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EWW Enterprise, Inc. offers TIG welding services for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Our welding equipment features power outputs from 2 amps to 420

amps, AC or DC, with liquid cooled torches.  Our welder has 375 amps available at 40% duty cycle to allow for long welding times without the need for cool down.  A/C auto balance, adjustable pulse control, and adjustable high frequency allow us to

make high quality welds in most materials thick or thin.


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Other capabilites:

Band Sawing  |  CAD/CAM Programming  |  CNC & Manual Milling  |  CNC Turning  |  Cold Sawing & Non Ferrous Cold Sawing

Finishing & Deburring  |  Machine Shop Technology  |  Surface Grinding  |  TIG Welding


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EWW was started from a commitment to the trade and built on a dedication to customer service. We have grown through consistent quality and a foundation of hard work to become one of the top Machine Shops in the country.

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